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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Writing Online for Profit - The Experiment

During the last week of August 2009 I decided to explore writing online.  That month, I applied and was accepted to, and  My first articles went live the 2nd half of September 2009.  As I write this my goal is to earn a passive income of $500-900/per month by March 2010.  This blog will tell the tail of my journey and what level I have attained at the end of my goal period.

On September 7, 2009 I published my first article, Walking the Sacred Labyrinth, as the Atlanta Alternative Spirituality Examiner at I was pleasantly surprised when I began seeing page views showing up almost immediately. Over the next couple of days I began researching writing online. Many of the sites I pulled up were blogs like this one, where someone had begun experimenting writing online to create passive and residual streams of income. Many people were posting a couple of hundred dollars in earnings their 2nd and 3rd months. Almost all of them were writing articles on eHow.

I decided to explore other sites with the goal of generating $300-400 per site per month in 6 months. I settled on eHow and Suite101. I found out I was already signed up on eHow, I had joined back in October 2007 but had not contributed anything to date. Suite101 had an application process similar to Examiner's process but was way more strict.

A week or two after publishing my first articles on, I decided to venture onto eHow and Suite101 sites. This diversification will help to obtain my goals quickly. On September 14, 2009 I published my first article on eHow, How to be a Stay At Home Mom and Earn Extra Money. To date this is my highest paid article raking in over $22 with over 720 views. Later that afternoon I published my first article on Suite101, Mortgage Loan Qualification Tighten: Minimum Credit Score, Down Payment, Reserve Requirements Increase. Suite101 has a stricter regime, it took two re-writes before this article went live. Annoying, but well worth the wait considering everything I learned from the e-mailed tutorial links - absolutely invaluable.

As a suggestion from a friend at eHow, martyd, I started this blog to outline the milestones and new goals for my online writing experiment.

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  1. Hello Katrina,

    I enjoyed you blog. One way I prefer Suite101 over eHow is their editorial process, which can be a pain for some writers in the beginning, but in the end it ensures your writing is ready to be placed in your portfolio for securing future writing jobs. The extra review ensures me it is top quality.

    I'd love to read more about your suite101 experience.


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