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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Recovering Your Deleted Articles - Tip 14

Hopefully anyone who is taking the time to write online is keeping either a hard copy or a back-up copy of their work.  If you are not doing so, stop everything you are doing and save your work right now!
Sites do not guarantee your articles will not be delete or lost due to a computer glitch.  Some sites (eHow) even have occasional sweeps where sub-standard articles are intentionally deleted by the site.  Writers are responsible for their own record and back-up keeping.

Google's Cache Articles

Google keeps a cache with back ups of everything it indexes. These cache files are only available for a short time after the original is deleted, so you have to be quick or it may be lost forever.

Recovering Cached Articles
To recover cached articles it is best to have the exact title.  This can usually be found on your earnings statement for the months prior to the article being deleted.

Go to, in the Google search box, put the title of the lost article in quotes. For common titles and phrases, add your screen name outiside of the quotes.

When you find your article, do not click on the title, this will only bring you to an error page.  Click on the "cached" link just below the description.  This will bring up the version of your article that was saved when Google cached your article, changes made after this may not appear. 

From this page you can save your work by printing a hard copy or copy and paste it straight to your word processor. 

What do you do with recovered misfits?
The very first thing you need to do is find out why it was deleted and fix it.  Once it has been rewritten and corrected, you can publish it on another site, add to it or amend it.  It is not, however, recommended to re-publish previously deleted articles.  This could be a violation of the TOS.

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