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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Change, Edit, Append to eHow articles without Resubmitting - Tip 16

As of today, it is taking up to 36 hours for new eHow articles to be approved and go live.  Starting the process again will take existing articles off line and cause readers to be re-directed, causing you to loose traffic.  If you edit and resubmit an article it will go through the same process.  There is a way to edit, change, and append existing eHow articles without resubmitting them.

Once an article has be approved and goes live you may want to add resources, pictures or make corrections once you have been able to view the live version.  Go to the article's edit screen as usual.  Click on the "expanded view" button at the very top of the edit screen, this will enable you to change all the parts of the article without having to change screens.  Make your corrections or additions.  Instead of clicking on the "Submit Article" button click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.  It is that simple.


  1. Exactly what I needed...perfect timing too, thanks!

  2. I had always been hesitant to do this since I wasn't sure how it worked exactly. Thanks!

    Do you know if updating articles has any effect on search engine results? I thought I'd heard that they like recent stuff moreso than old stuff.

  3. bigguy - Every once in a while I will go back to my first articles and tweak them when I have learned something new. (Right now I'm changing some of my keywords and adding pictures.)

    What I have been told is that once you update an article, the changes may not be picked up by the search engines for quite a while (sometimes up to 30 days). That's why changing once in a while is good, every week/month isn't a good idea as your changes have not had time to work.

  4. Thank you very much. I have an Ehow article that I changed a few typos. It has been in review for 2 months now. It was my biggest earner at the time it went into review. I had been letting some typos go.

  5. Great!!! I found a small typo and wanted to change it, but since eHow is so touchy, I thought I could just live with it. This corrected it! Thank you so much!

  6. how do you contact the writer of an article, the information on their article is not correct.


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