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Monday, January 18, 2010

Why use Photos in my Articles? - Tip 19

Why use additional photos in my articles?  I have been asking this exact question since I started.  To me they junk it up and make it seem cluttered.  The the pics do not match in style and content they can seem unprofessional and amateurish.  Not to mention how much of a royal pain it is to find one picture, let alone 5 or 6 copyright free pics.

Well, now I know the secret.
  Additional pics equals additional keyword action which equals additional traffic!

The actual photos by themselves do little for your article, but the keywords and keyword phrases, that's a whole other story.  By adding photos to your article it gives you the opportunity to add additional higher paying CPC keywords.   This is extremely important to bring in good paying ads for articles that are ad click based.

There are quite a few good paying keywords that are hard to put into the context of your article, but by using them as a picture captions it allows you to use even the strangest keywords, attract additional traffic and higher paying ads.

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