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Friday, January 8, 2010

Content Writing for Freelance Writers, Where to Write - Tip 18

I intended to write a post about different places to write content, publish articles and generally make money content writing online, but during my research for this post I stumbled a cross this article

in progress by a fellow eHow writer:  101 Best Websites for the Freelance Writer

I was absolutely floored by the content already posted.  From them comments posted, Heather plans on writing reviews for the top 10 once they have been established.  Check out all the sites she has listed and the different venues - it's great!

Remember, if you would like to write for, please be sure to use my ID number (22920) and shoot me an email.  I'll notify my channel manager and send in a written referral.

Additional Resources:
Use Book Writer Promotion to promote your book by Peggy Hazelwood


  1. Thanks for this great info, Katrina! Nice to have it all in one place to refer to in my "spare" time!

  2. Thank you for posting a link to the list of 101 freelance websites Katrina. I enjoy your writing blog. Lots of useful information here.


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