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Saturday, November 14, 2009

eHow Deleted Articles: Answers Received

Well yesterday afternoon I received a revised email with a corrected link from eHow. The link took me to a list of my deleted articles along with reasons for their demise. The tally is as follows:

  • 4 Articles Not In How to Format
  • 2 Articles Clone
  • 1 Article Blog/Opinion
  • 1 Article Doesn't Answer Title
Many say that the deleted articles can be found in a cache version on Google, but as these are also the articles I just re-wrote cache versions do not appear. Luckily I have my hard copies.

The articles not in how to format concern me the most, as I have two additional articles written in the same style. These were on homeopathic remedies for plants and herbs. Over this weekend I will be re-writing these two as well as the four deleted articles and moving them to my Examiner page.

The remaining four were in my tips and tricks series for eHow members. (Obviously this is why I was not able to find any answers when I first began and had to fly by the seat of my pants!)  Again they left two others written in the same style on the same topic. I suppose this is why other contributors have written and promote eBooks for making money at eHow, instead of the articles. I will be reviewing and researching the one they marked Blog/Opinion to see what info may not be accurate. Apparently the remaining tips are true to eHow and have good info, so I may be taking down the remaining two and following suite with the eBook crowd.

Moral of the week: Keep a back up copy (preferably a hard copy) of all your work and don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Well it looks as if I have lots of work to do this weekend, better get to it!

Additional Resources:
Recovering Your Deleted Articles - Tip 14

Update:  February 14, 201
eHow sweep theory: Flagged articles are reviewed and/or deleted in the sweeps.  If an article is flagged by other contributors "X" number of times for the same offense it is deleted in the sweeps.  This would account for the random deletions and odd/off reasons.

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