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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Using HTML to Create Addional Links on Your eHow Profile - Tip 6

How many profiles have you seen with links to their website or other articles and wonder "How do they do that?"  Well,  they use HTML to add additional links to the "about me" section of their profile.

Adding profile links in HTML is not all that hard.  Just follow the steps below:

1.  Log into your eHow account and click on the Edit Profile link located on the left hand side under your avatar. 

2.  It is easier to write all the info you want to appear in this section first then add the HTML codes after.  So write all the info you want to appear, save and check your profile for spelling, formatting and content.  Once your are sure it is how you want it go back in to "edit profile".

3.  Adding the HTML code can be tricky, but with practice it will become easier.  (Check out this fellow eHow contributor's article on HTML for specific codes:  How to Capture More Article Views with Links in Your Profile)

4.  Save your changes.

5.  Be sure to go back out to your public profile, check your formatting and links.

Update:  Virginia Allain (fellow eHow writer) posted this link to one of her new articles:  How to Change Text to HTML without Knowing What You're Doing.  Check it out for an awesome step-by-step and a secret!  Thanks Virginia


  1. This article might help with this:
    How to Change Text to HTML without Knowing What You're Doing.

  2. Virginia - Great tip, thank you for sharing!

  3. Very interesting and doable! Now, if I could just figure out how to drive more traffic to my blog!

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