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Friday, November 27, 2009

Promoting Your Articles, Website or Blog - Tip 12

Starting to freelance, blog or run a website? Trying to get traffic but don’t know where to start? Then keep reading.

Increase Traffic with Social Network and Bookmarking Sites
Entering into the world of freelance writing can be tricky and a tad overwhelming for a beginner. Building readership and increasing page views is important to the success of your new career.  Social networking sites and other internet communities allow you to submit or post your article, blog or web-site, increasing your page views and hopefully build readership.

Remember, increased page views does not necessarily equate to increased revenue.  Increased pages view, increases the likelihood of readers clicking on adds which will increase revenue.

Difference between Social Networking and Bookmarking Sites
The difference between a Social Networking site and a Bookmarking Site is huge, but the purpose is the same - increase traffic, increase backlinks, and drive traffic to your articles.

A bookmarking site does just that, it keeps track of your favorite sites.  It also creates another place your article can be found in the eyes of a search engine.  This is called a backlink.  Search engines use backlinks to determine the popularity of a particular site or page.  The more popular an article the higher the ranking, the higher the ranking.  Page ranking determines where on the results page your site or article will appear when someone initiates a search on the topic you wrote about.

A social networking site is where you meet up with friends and family to chat and keep up with each other.  Sometimes sharing an article on one of these sites will cause the article to "go viral", meaning it will be e-mailed and shared all over the web.  This is what you hope for, but it doesn't happen very often.

Although social networking sites are great place to share your work, don't overload your friends with articles and comments.  They will eventually ignore you and possibly unfriend you.

Different Social and Networking Sites to Consider
If you already have accounts at any of the social networking sites below, those would be the place to start. If not, you can sign up for a free account.  
Facebook - Share a link to your article on your wall.
Myspace - Include a link to your article, blog or site when you update your Status and Mood on your MySpace page.
Twitter - Tweet your article.
Digg - Submit your new article to Digg, be sure to include your keywords and tags.
Stumbleupon - This site is really cool. Based on your search criteria you can 'stumble' and it will take you to sites that fit your personality - stuff you'd never probably find on your own. Its great!
Delicious - Submit your articles to Delicious. Then go back and write a brief review. This site is really awesome because after you have listed your site, it will show you how many other people have your page bookmarked. You can see if you have any fans!
SheToldMe -  Similar to Digg and Stumble but with the added benefit of Adsense and Chitika revenue, plus referral revenue! 

For Advanced Users:
AddThis - is a tool bar for Internet Explorer and/or Firefox that will also add your site to social networking and bookmarking sites of your choice, but you have to enter your info each time.
SocialMarker - Is a site that will post your article to several bookmarking and social networking sites, but you only have to enter your info one time.  The first time you use this site be prepared to be required to set up a lot of accounts before you are able to post. Some sites make you wait a few hours to a few days before submission is allowed.

Other possible submission sites you may want to check out are: Reddit, Ping-O-Matic (blogs),, Mixx, Folkd, Shoutwire, Mister-Wong.

A Word of Warning
Don’t go on Social Networking Sites to just post articles. You must participate and interact with others or be tagged a spammer.

Additional Sources:
How to Make More Money with Your Existing eHow Articles by  Thomas Clough

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