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Friday, November 20, 2009

Writing Online for Profit is Born

I am giving birth to this blog in response to eHow's infamous article sweep.  Apparently publishing articles on eHow about writing articles on eHow is frowned upon.  Guilty articles are put to death in a swift, quick sweep.

Posts will be written from a beginners point of view and will build as we go along.  When I began my journey, information that was easily understandable has been hard to come by.  Articles that I was able to find were either so simple a monkey could understand it, therefor not very helpful or so techy it gave me a headache.  I have given myself a six month challenge and as a result put the learning portion in overdrive.  I will share my tips and tricks, as well as others articles I have found helpful and informative, not only for eHow but other online publications and for promoting your website, articles and blogs.

Sharing your Tips
Anyone who would like to share a tip (or correct/add to one of mine) is welcome share.  If I post your tip on this blog full credit will be given as well as a link to your site and article of your choice. 

Expect Regular Posts and Updates
As several articles with numerous tips were swept away by eHow, I will be posting these tips several times per week.  After they have been posted, new posts and old entries will be updated from time to time depending on new information or procedures discovered.  So check back often or better yet subscribe!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Katrina,
    I am very interested in your work here. I am one of your friends on RedGage. I have taken early retirement from work as a lecturer and besides gardening and playing guitar I have written some poems so any tips that you may like to share will be very welcome, and I will give you any tips that I think of too.
    I wish you well with this, and take care.


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