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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Use Resource and Source Sections - Tip 4

A "resource" is different from a "source" and each section should be used.

Use the resource section of an article to promote related articles, specifically ones authored by you.  If you don't have any of your own.  Link to another author's related article.  Send them a note letting them know you liked their article and linked to it, send them the link to your article and politely give them the option if they'd like the link removed.
Nine times out of ten, they will not want this link removed as this should result in more traffic/revenue for them, but it is the though that counts maybe they will return the favor in the future if you are pleasant and respectful to work with.

Another great use for the resource section are affiliate links for related products (discussed more in detail in Tip #TBD).  For example check out the resource section of "How to Make All Natural Lavender Sea Salts".  The links located in this section go to a vendor where a reader may purchase the ingredients to make their own Lavender Sea Salts.  Some may purchase now, other may bookmark the site for the references for later.  When a purchase is made, now or later, the author will receive a small commission a.k.a. additional residual income for the author.

eHow writers:   The "resource section" of your article is where you can place affiliate links, additional article links as well as sources for your article, there is no source section available to you.

The source section of an article differs greatly.  This is the section where information (sources) supporting the article can be found.  Readers who would like additional information or to double check the authors facts love sources and is essential to controversial subjects.  If an author can not support their findings it opens the door to hate email and negative comments.  By supporting the information in the article comments will stay on topic and a discussion between readers may begin, driving more traffic and return readers.

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