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Friday, November 13, 2009

eHow Sweeps and deleted articles

The last two days on eHow there have been no earnings, which has been very strange. On the community pages, those in the same boat were piping up one by one about their articles getting deleted in the sweep. All day yesterday I could not get into my articles, so I suppose when I woke up this morning to 8 less articles it was not much of a surprise.

Luckily I have a hard copy of all of my articles, most still saved on the hard drive. My time will be spent this weekend mending, editing, and finding another outlet to publish these misfit articles. I have heard Bukisa is an island for types of articles, so that is an option.

Until then I am eagerly waiting for the e-mail telling me why the articles have been deleted. This will at least help me know what not to do in the future.


  1. Yes, I received an e-mail with a list of the articles. There were no reasons listed though. What is really strange out of the articles that were deleted several were my herb articles written the same way as ALL of the other articles on homeopathic remedies series, but a few were not deleted. I have requested clarification and will post when I find out why.


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