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Friday, November 27, 2009

Friends, Friends and More Friends - Tip 7

The eHow community is very friendly and helpful for a beginner freelance writer. I have found everyone there absolutely wonderful.

With the exception of a few people, most recommend supporting the community by Reading other members work, Rating the articles, leaving Comments and Recommending authors you enjoy or have been helpful - RRCR. Although I have read this is not necessary, it is fun, a great way to meet like minded people and learn new things!

Make friends, LOTS of friends.

There are several places to make new friends here at eHow. To make friends with other newbies - Log into your profile. Click on the blue community tab at the top. Click on the members tab. You will see a rotating list of 50 new eHow members! There is also a direct link under their picture to add them as a friend. (This is where we all found you when you first came on board!)

Make friends with veterans.

These folks have been here a while and will be a wealth of information and inspiration. The most active members can be located on the featured members section of the Community main page. These are the 15 most recent visitors to the site and rotate frequently.

While friends comments and page views do not necessarily directly effect your earnings the proper comments they leave will strengthen your article. A stronger article will see increased rankings in the searches and hopefully increased traffic to your page, increasing revenue.

Don't send SPAM to your new friends.

Sending e-mails to your friends asking them to read your new article(s) is not only inappropriate, but by some is against the rules.  This can get you and/or your article(s) "flagged" and unfriended.  Not to mention there are better ways to drive traffic to your articles.  (See Tip 11 and Tip 12 for tips on how to drive traffic to your articles)

Remember although having your friends read your articles may increase page views this will not increase your revenue. (See Tip 8 for where revenue comes from).

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