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Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Homes for eHow Misfit Articles

Have been working hard re-writing articles the eHow misfits and finding new homes for them.  After looking over the remaining articles I found there were several additional article written in the same fashion as the deleted ones.  Not wanting to cause anyone additional work, I saved them the effort and removed them myself.
Revised sweep totals, 8 articles deleted by eHow, 5 deleted/moved by me.  Most have been adopted in a new form elsewhere.  But I was having some trouble with what to do with the How to eHow articles.  I decided to create a new blog, Writing Online for Profit: Tips and Tricks for those articles.  Each tip will have it's own post, similar to an online writing guide and will be updated regularly.

Now I must update my blog links and add new articles to their respective posts, catch up on returning my comments and subscribing to friends threads and I can't forget the forum posts.  (Just think, a few months ago I thought all I had to do was write a short diddy, post it and whal-la!  This is quite a bit of work. )

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